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UK Medical Career Advisory Services

The following courses are delivered on video conference in a virtual classroom

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Package 1

Moving to the UK

Are you planning to come to the UK to live and work in the
NHS? We have you covered. You can find more information about the various routes available for qualified doctor to come and settle in the UK and get a job in the NHS.

Package 2

Career Progression

So you want to further progress your career by gaining one of the coveted internationally recognised qualifications from the UK or Europe like a Royal College membership/fellowship (e.g. MRCS, MRCP, FRCA) and  EDAIC. You can get personalised curated guidance from our experts in the field who are closely associated with these qualifications.

Personal Career Advisory

If you want to discuss your specific situation with one of our experienced advisors, you can book a 30-min personal career advisory session. You will be asked to provide a short description of your career progress till date and your aspirations and plans about the future. One of our experts will then be in touch with you to schedule a dedicated one-on-one session to go through your options and explain the pros and cons of each option.

30 mins Personal Consultation