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MRCS Part B OSCE Course: Live online practice and mock exam

18th September 2021 at 9 AM (London)

This full-day virtual course is for the candidates who will appear for their MRCS Part B OSCE in future. With this course, you will practice with the new format to learn the critical skills required and the pitfalls to avoid during the actual examination.

The course will cover all content areas of MRCS part B OSCE

  1. Knowledge
    a. Surgical anatomy stations
    b. Surgical pathology stations
    c. Applied surgical science and critical care stations
    i. Generic critical care
    ii. Generic interpretation of written data
    iii. Generic interpretation of visual information
  2. Skills
    a. Communication skills stations
    i. Generic history taking
    ii. Generic giving information to a patient/relative
    iii. Generic giving information to another health professional
    b. Clinical and procedural skills stations
    i. Physical examination
    ii. Generic skills

The course is adapted according to the COVID changes introduced by the Surgical Royal Colleges in October 2020.

  1. Reframe physical examination stations to allow them to be delivered without a patient/actor present by focusing on identification/discussion of signs/symptoms of described patients, followed by discussion of likely diagnoses, further investigations and management plan
  2. Reframe procedural skills stations to allow to be delivered without an actor present and remotely if necessary

Key features:

  • Small groups
  • Information and tips for each station
  • 1:1 practice with individual feedback
  • Conducted and examined by experienced NHS surgeons
  • Online interactive session

Technical requirement:

  • This course will be delivered online via Zoom. Sign-in into Zoom required for verification.

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