MedicToUK is organising the first UK India Healthcare Convention at the fabulous Sattavis Patidar Center, Wembley, London on the 20th of April, 2024. This event is part of a 2 day festive event, the London Mahotsav 2024, organised by Candid Communication UK that will see a large contingent of celebrities, business and delectable eateries from India decend at the venue for 2 days of extravaganza. For tickets to the cultural event, please visit

The UK India Healthcare Convention is a 1 day invite-only conference exploring ways to further improve collaboration between the UK and India healthcare sectors to solve problems of mutual interest. A selection of very distinguished delegates from India and the UK will come together during the day to discuss and display potential opportunties to collaborate. We foresee a number of these interactions progressing into cooperation between organisations that will bring the benefits of collaboration to the people of both countries.

As a startup ourselves, backed by immigrant entrepreneurs from India, we strongly support the world of new innovations and firmly believe the solutions to the problems of the next billion people will come from the world of new innovations. With that in mind, MedicToUK is running this competition inviting innovators to apply for 1 of 3 awards highlighting how their innovation can help deliver benefits to the population of either one or both countries through collaboration between organisations or professionals in the 2 countries. Apart from the award, the winners will get an opportunity to go on stage and present their innovation in front of the invited high profile dignitaries from both countries.

Apply by filling the form below. For any queries, please reach out via email to

Deadline for submission: 1st April 23:59pm