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MRCPCH In Person Practice Regular Course

30 September 2023 

Includes detailed experience and tips from successful past attendee of our course.

This full-day virtual course is for the candidates who will appear for their MRCPCH Clinical exam in near future. With this course you will be able to practice both online and face-to-face exam formats over video conference to learn the key skills required and the pitfalls to avoid during real MRCPCH examination.

The course will cover all clinical stations with different specialist NHS UK faculty members spanning a full day to provide more depth and practice –

  • Key tips for success on each station
  • Exam day experience shared by previous candidate
  • Circuit covers all stations:
  1. Video station
  2. Communication station
  3. History taking station
  4. Short clinical station
  5. Extended clinical station
  6. Developmental station

Key features:

  • Information and tips for each station
  • Lots of station practice or audit opportunity with personalised feedback
  • Conducted and examined by highly experienced NHS Paediatricians and MRCPCH trainers
  • Online interactive session

Technical requirement:

  • This course will be delivered online via Zoom. 


MRCPCH in-person practice course full day (£250)

Special Offer
2 tickets (2 for £480)

Special Offer
3 tickets (3 for £705)

On-demand training videos

Candidates can also enrol for on-demand training videos. More information here. Get £30 off for enrolling into both courses together and get access to all on-demand sets for 3 months along with our award winning in-person live practice test.

Combined on-demand training + live practice sessions (£380 £350)