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MRCPCH Clinical Deep Dive Series

Medictouk introduced the Deep Dive series for MRCPCH clinical exam in early 2021 to prepare you to NHS clinical practice standards so that you get the best chance to pass clinical exam quickly.

All courses will be delivered virtually over 3-4 hrs . Each course will be richly detailed, single station targeted . A curated list of exemplary clinical case will be tutored in each workshop which will teach you the practical survival strategies for all stations .

Experienced NHS paediatricians will take you through the relevant pitfalls and direct you to niche resources to learn and understand how to stand out during examination ( to uplift you from pass to clear pass ) . You will also gain access to a virtual group who will prepare for the examination from different parts of the globe with active support and monitoring from experienced mentors.

    Development Station

    26 March 2022

    Booking Closed

    Clinical Stations

    5 February 2022

    Booking closed

    Communication Station

    12 March 2022

    Booking Closed

    History Taking Station

    19 February 2022

    Booking Closed

    Video Station

    5 March 2022

    Booking Closed