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MRCPCH Clinical

Paediatricians across the globe become full members of the prestigious Royal college of paeditrics and child health (RCPCH) and achieve the designation MRCPCH once they have passed four separate postgraduate paediatric exams.

All UK paediatric trainees sit these exams as part of their run through training. Ever increasing numbers of paediatricians around the world take the MRCPCH to demonstrate their excellent standards of clinical practice, as part of their local training programme and also as part of a special recognition by parents.
The MRCPCH encompasses –
• Foundation of Practice (FOP) – theory exam
• Theory and Science (TAS) – theory exam
• Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP) – theory exam
• MRCPCH Clinical exam

2020 Update

During this unprecedented situation of COVID-19 pandemic, RCPCH is conducting the first COVID adapted clinical examination (through an online platform called Practique) from November 2020 in the UK.
Around this changed new normal, MedicToUK paediatrics team decided to support all MRCPCH aspirant paediatricians around the globe to prepare them by a launching online on-demand, in-person modular deep dive and in-person interactive mock exam and practice courses to help them to complete their journey to their dream destination.


MRCS (Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons) is an intercollegiate exam for surgical trainees who wish to become a member of one of the four surgical royal colleges in the UK and Ireland.

Award of this postgraduate diploma indicates that you have the necessary knowledge, experience and clinical competence to complete core training and progress to specialty training in the UK and Ireland. Surgeons across the globe, who want to become members of the prestigious surgical royal colleges, can achieve the designation MRCS once they have passed both Part A (MCQ) and Part B (OSCE) exams.


This full-day virtual course is for the candidates who will appear for their MRCOG Part 3 ( clinical) in future. With this course, you will practice with the latest format to learn the critical skills required and important pitfalls to avoid during the clinical examination. 

MRCOG is part of the assessment and validation process for entry on to the UK Specialist Register and progress to a consultant post in O&G. UK specialty trainees must pass the Part 2 and Part 3 MRCOG before progressing from ST5 to ST6. For the non-UK based candidates, passing this exam and being awarded MRCOG means that if they wish to work in the UK, they would be exempted from the entry exams e.g. PLAB.

EDAIC Part 2 (Oral) Examination

EDAIC is a full-day virtual course for the candidates who will appear for the EDAIC Part 2 (Oral) examination in future. You will have a chance to practice in the new online format introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Given the current status of the pandemic, the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care decided that the online format will be the norm until July inclusive. However, now online examination format has been recently extended until December 2021. Learn critical skills and specific focussed areas essential to becoming successful in EDAIC Part 2.

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