Dr Nilay Chatterjee

MBBS(Kolkata), MD Anesthesia(Kolkata), DM Neuroanesthesia(SCTIMST, Trivandrum),DESA

Nilay graduated from Medical College Kolkata. He trained in anaesthetics from Kolkata and Trivandrum, India. Before moving to the UK, he worked in different capacities – from registrar to consultant – in different hospitals across India and Oman. Nilay is passionate about pain management. He was instrumental in developing comprehensive pain services in leading government hospitals in India and Oman. He has a keen research interest and conducted numerous clinical trials and other scientific research projects. Nilay is a great teacher. He was awarded ‘the best trainer’ for anaesthesia trainees during his stay in Oman. He is presently working as a speciality doctor in anaesthesia in Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He has recently completed CESR in anaesthesia and critical care in the new online/digital submission format and is fully knowledgable about the latest requirements.

Dr Somenath Chatterjee

MBBS(Kolkata), MD Radiodiagnosis(PGIMER, Chandigarh), DM Neuroradiology(SCTIMST, Trivandrum), FRCR Clinical Radiology(London)

Somenath graduated from Medical College Kolkata in 2002. He had his training in radiology from PGI, Chandigarh India. Later he trained in neuroradiology, his key area of interest, from Trivandrum, India. Before moving to the UK, Somenath worked as a consultant diagnostic and interventional radiologist in some of the premier hospitals of India, including Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata. He completed CESR in 2017 within around 6 months of arriving in the UK. He has since been working as a consultant in Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology in Royal Preston Hospital and Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He has conducted multicentre collaborative research projects. His special interest is service and business development in public health care.

Somenath has completed his CESR in clinical radiology with only around 6 months of UK experience – which is sort of a record. He has helped many others in their journey to CESR.