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MRCPCH Clinical Exam — Development Station

The developmental station is one of the most predictable stations in MRCPCH clinical exam and should really be the easiest to pass comfortably but before stepping up to middle grade it is difficult to get the opportunity see and examine the developmental domains in the NHS settings. That’s why sometime facing this station can cause undue stress from examinees perspective.

Usually the child will be between 0–5 years of age. Unless you are presented with a child under 1 year, there is rarely enough time to do a full examination, and so the examiner probably will ask you to perform one or two domains (most commonly fine motor and speech / language) thoroughly.

AS per RCPCH guidance, the aim of the Development station is to assess the candidate’s ability to take a focused developmental history, undertake an assessment around key areas of development, and integrate these findings to understand the reasons for the child’s difficulties, including the impact on the child and family. There will be a role player in this station. The station is based on centrally written and bench marked scenarios. In this station, it is more than likely that the scenario will be based on a child with an established diagnosis. Relevant information (e.g. charts, photos, short audio or video clips) will be provided where necessary.

Being able to describe the assessment in a focussed and systematic manner will be central to successful delivery of developmental station, for which you can practice to boost your confidence level from experienced examiner. MedicToUK conducts station specific training in the MRCPCH Clinical Deep Dive Series.